Apache Zookeeper authentication

The problem One of my Zookeeper clusters has to be available to everyone. But I want to make sure only specific known hosts are allowed to connect. The problem was, those known hosts are dynamic and I didn’t want any configuration for this component. The servers are running in the cloud, they come and go. At Technicolor, we use Chef to manage all our boxes. Every box is registered on the Chef server, we know every private and public IP address of every server within our setup.
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Setting up knife ec2

I keep getting Fog::Compute::AWS::NotFound: The key pair ... does not exist error! How to solve this problem isn’t explained well enough anywhere. Install knife-ec2 first: sudo gem install knife-ec2 Then I added this to my knife.rb: # key name, as defined in EC2 Key Pairs, # this value has to be exactly the same as the one in the management console: knife[:aws_ssh_key_id] = "my-ec2-key" # AWS ID/SECRET: knife[:aws_access_key_id] = ".
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