Setting up knife ec2

I keep getting Fog::Compute::AWS::NotFound: The key pair ... does not exist error! How to solve this problem isn’t explained well enough anywhere. Install knife-ec2 first: sudo gem install knife-ec2 Then I added this to my knife.rb: # key name, as defined in EC2 Key Pairs, # this value has to be exactly the same as the one in the management console: knife[:aws_ssh_key_id] = "my-ec2-key" # AWS ID/SECRET: knife[:aws_access_key_id] = ".
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DevOps box

{% include collecttags.html %} I was asked to build a box with all the monitoring tools required. Chef, Logstash, Ganglia and Monit were selected. Here’s a core dump. In this post I’m going to describe how to setup a box containing following elements: Opsworks Chef Server Logstash indexer with Redis as an incoming queue Kibana Ganglia collector Monit with the log shipped to logstash M/Monit I have this nasty habit - this whole thing is running as root.
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