Privacy settings updates

On 5th of July I have made a number of changes to the privacy settings on this website. Without going too much into detail about reasons:

  • This website no longer uses Google Analytics.
  • Theme fonts are no longer loaded from Google Fonts service. They’re now served from the domain.
  • The newsletter has been cancelled. Mailchimp decided to nuke my account some time ago anyway.
  • I have rolled out self-hosted analytics service. About the analytics service:
    • Reside in German Hetzner Online GmbH data centers.
    • Captured data is not shared, and never will be shared with third-parties.
    • Respects your Do Not Track setting.
    • Does not use cookies.
    • Data is public and can be viewed here.
    • Contains data starting from 5th of July 2023.

The Privacy page has been updated accordingly.