Introduction to Keycloak Authorization Services

As the number of applications and websites in the organization grows, the developer will inevitably receive a request to implement Single Sign-On. Single Sign-On (SSO for short) is an authentication scheme allowing the user to log in with a single set of credentials and share the session across multiple, independent, potentially unrelated systems. The savvy developer will roll out Keycloak, enable Standard Flow client, maybe enable some of the social login options, like GitHub, Google or Facebook and call it a day.
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Keycloak With Docker Compose

Keycloak is an open source Identity and Access Management System developed as a JBoss community project under the stewardship of Red Hat. Keycloak makes it is easy to secure apps and services written in many technologies using a large number client libraries. Out of the box, we get things like Single Sign-On, Identity Brokering and Social Login, User Federation and Authorization Services. With little to no code, we can give users of our apps the ability to sign in with Identity Providers like GitHub, Twitter or Google.
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