State of gossiperl and some JavaScript Thrift goodies

The gossiperl project is growing. I had a great, productive, working Christmas break, implementing a number of client libraries for the message bus. In the last couple of weeks a number of client libraries for gossiperl have been released. The full list now includes: Ruby JVM with examples in Clojure and Scala .NET as a mono project Erlang And the most exciting so far — gossiperl client Chrome extension.
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Gossiperl gossip middleware in Erlang

Today I’ve released a project called gossiperl. Gossiperl is a language agnostic gossip middleware written in Erlang. The purpose of the project was purely research on gossip based systems, as well as, learning Erlang. Main intent was to create a common communication middleware enabled over gossip using a standard binary transport mechanism. Gossiperl is a result of over 6 months of research, reading, learning, planning and implementation. Gossiperl uses Apache Thrift binary serialisation over UDP.
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Apache Thrift via UDP in Erlang

A few months ago I have started learning Erlang, mostly for fun but it was right about time to jump on the functional bandwagon. The best way to learn a new language is to find an engaging project, in my case its been something what has been on my mind for quite a while: a cloud communication protocol / framework for distributed computing. Some basic principles of what it is about can be found here: CloudDDS.
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