State of gossiperl and some JavaScript Thrift goodies

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gossip thrift

The gossiperl project is growing. I had a great, productive, working Christmas break, implementing a number of client libraries for the message bus. In the last couple of weeks a number of client libraries for gossiperl have been released. The full list now includes:

And the most exciting so far — gossiperl client Chrome extension. This one is not complete yet and it will take a little bit longer until it is fully implemented. However, the perspective of running a gossiperl client in the browser — communicating with applications running locally — opens the door for some fantastic opportunities. While working on the Chrome client I also implemented the Thrift BinaryProtocol for JavaScript library. Currently the code is not included in the main Thrift project due to some issues with Thrift unit tests but there’s an ongoing effort to make this code part of Thrift as soon as possible. Right now the code available as a separate github repository.

The next steps for gossiperl are:

  • provide unit tests for gossiperl itself and integrate with Travis CI
  • enable unit testing of the client libraries via Travis CI
  • provide end to end tests for gossiperl

Afterwards, there will be more clients for other languages:

  • Python
  • Node.JS
  • Haskell
  • C++
  • examples in F#

There will also examples of useful end to end things appearing on github!